X-Mas Project

This was a response to my christmas brief.. brap

we had to create a visual response to what we had seen on the television and i had only been playing zelda on the tv, so yeah thats all i had to go with, not complaining mind i love the shit outta zelda ^_^

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Day at the press







Yesterday i went to the Badger printing press studio was sick i got so much solid work above are some images showing how the prints turned out

I am planning to sell the a3 prints when i can fine a good crafts website to sell them on,

‘Ship in bottle’ screenprint is out of 10

‘russian doll’ print is out of 12

ill let you know more when i sort something out.

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Ship in a bottle

This illustration it my first experiment with the pure black as colour. I feel it looks abit bit too Mike Giant which is annoying but at the same time he clearly got inspired by Beardsley and japanese printers so i have naturally came across the same insperation hence the similarity’s in style.

I plan to screen print this as well tomorrow with the help of my trusty helper Samme.

This design is for sale too so give me an email if you are interested i will add text.



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Russian doll

This design is for some fun at the Badger printing press tomorrow, i wanted to so something that will look great in a combination of colours rather then just colours that have purpose to make the image easily viewable i had to totally redo the vector two times over due to adobe being a nob and illustrator unexpectedly failing… save your work  often kids.

I will post the results of my trip asap so watch this space.

This design is for sale as a tee design, the design will only be used by me tomorrow on some fun so it will be as a normal original to you design, if your interested i can change text to a wanted band/ apparel name just email me.

thanks fam.


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gypsy man

This is an older piece i did, it was inspired from Beardsley’s and the Japanese printers use of black and white, in perticular the use of solid black with the white lines creating negitive outline.

This design is for sale email me for more info.

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South central design

Worked with ‘South Central’ Apparel on a Mike Giantesk design.

I really like this design, i have been working differently with the way i use illustrator on this, i think the design gives me more credit towards my hand drawn style that i can not achieve usually with vector illustration i intend to develop this technique even more so.

find it soon here at:


Follow on: southcentralblog.tumblr.com


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Swan Design

This is an apparel design i did a few weeks ago thats for sale i have yet to pitch it to

the computers so text can be changed to suit needs email me for more x

its inspired by Aubrey Beardsley.

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